Success in business comes as a result of finding a need and providing a solution to that need.  A hearing aid is a product no one wants being sold to people who won't admit they have a problem. 
A person experiencing a hearing loss is reluctant to raise their hand and ask for help.  Hearing aids are not purchased, they must be sold.  And before the dispenser can provide his or her services, the prospective patient must be found.  Advertising must be professional and at the same time provide the motivation necessary to cause the hearing impaired to respond.  AudioCare's "Patient Finder" programs are designed to fullfill these needs.

The need for dispensers and dispensing audiologists to generate new patients is universal.  Happy new patients are the lifeblood of a successful practice.  Without the influx of new patients, being the world's best, most professional hearing aid fitter will go unnoticed.  Simply put, if you sell and fit hearing aids, you need marketing. 

The number one goal of an AudioCare "Patient Finder" program is that no patient leaves unhappy.  In this profession, we live and die by our reputation.  No matter how proficient you may be at selling, if you leave an unhappy patient, you won't be invited back.

Our second goal is to generate revenue and a substanital profit for the dispenser.  Like the successful dispenser, our business has been built on referrals.  The dispenser or dispensing audiologist can expect and will receive high-quality effort, backed by integrity from every member of the AudioCare team.

Ron Bain