Why Choose Us

Five reasons audiocare's patient finders program succeed over other programs.
  • Blended List - Our lists are compiled from sources that are OUTSIDE the hearing industry which allows you to reach new prospects.
  • Team Approach - AudioCare takes a team approach to educating & motivating the hearing imparied. Our programs are controlled by you, the hearing healthcare professional. We are guests in your house.
  • Complete Multi-Media approach to patient finding including direct mail campaigns, newspaper ad slicks for print advertising and courtesy calling referrals that get results.
  • In-House Design Team that will act as your own personal advertising agency to assist you in creating a personalized marketing plan that is representative of your practice.
  • Most patient finding programs are product or maufacturer specific with a manufactuers representative in attendance. While some co-op's are available with some manufactuerers, our programs are multi-line driven allowing you more flexibility in assisting your patients with their individual needs.